Privacy-Compliant Real-time Data Activation

About Teavaro

Teavaro truly connects people, brands and media owners across any media and device, helping you deliver a personalised marketing experience that drives conversion and reduces media wastage.

As 80% or more of your customers and prospects are online every day, we facilitate reaching that audience by engaging them whenever and wherever best. We provide a unique marketing identifier under your control, letting you activate customer data in a privacy-compliant way across your existing marketing and ad tech stack. Our cloud-based solution is designed for scale, fast setup and real-time performance, providing cost reduction, higher revenues and increased customer advocacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to truly connect people, brands and media owners.

We believe a true connection is built upon explicit consent and grows over time because of the unique value it provides to all parties. Those connections will be the foundation for people based marketing at scale, tailoring content and conversations to individuals rather than to segments and providing an opportunity for two-way communication.

Only first-party identification meets today´s privacy expectations and works in a predominately mobile environment. The syncing of third-party cookies, on which digital advertising has relied on in the past, no longer provides a satisfactory solution. Although walled gardens offer first-party identification, we believe that connections should not be restricted to walled gardens but should happen wherever people want to engage with brands, be it on their own media, on third-party media or in social networks.

Management Team

Founded in 2014, Teavaro’s management team is comprised of seasoned industry executives who have over 50 years' business and operational leadership experience in the software, analytics, media & advertising, information technology and telecommunications industries.

Robert Bergmann

CEO & Co-Founder

Robert has over 15 years of experience in mobile media, technology and advertising including working for T-Mobile, H3G UK and Amobee. The past 10 years he has been involved with setting up new companies and technology solutions including Weve in the UK.

Dr. Dirk Rohweder

COO & Co-Founder

Dirk has over 25 years of experience in IT, telecommunications, consumer goods and consulting including CIO at Paulaner Brewery Group, T-Mobile UK and T-Mobile Germany. In the last five years he has focused on customer data as a strategic company asset and foundation for omnichannel marketing, data driven business models and digital transformation.

Ben McDermott

Lead Consultant

Ben has over 10 years of start-up, project and product experience in mobile and online technology and marketing.

David Booker

Non-Executive Director

David brings over 25 years’ experience in telco, incl. VP Sales and CEO roles with Comverse, Mobixell and Veropath.

Rainer brings in 20 years of experience in telco and tech industries, at companies like McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance Industries, where he held senior executive positions in strategy, product and innovation. Most recently, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Rainer launched Reliance Jio, the €25B telecom and digital services venture of Reliance that is disrupting the telco landscape to democratise mobile broadband for 1.3B people in India.