Truly Connect with your Customers

Teavaro truly connects people, brands and media owners across any media and device, helping you deliver a personalised marketing experience through privacy-compliant real-time data activation.

Leveraging your first-party domains, across owned and third-party media, Teavaro connects your current ad and marketing technologies – from DMPs to ad servers and Analytics to CRM systems – to harness the potential of your first-party data assets for people-based engagement.  By providing customer identification and data activation, our FunnelConnect platform enables advertisers and publishers to build direct marketing relationships across channels, domains and devices. This control and transparency allows proprietary data owners to retain the value of their assets and reduce the reliance on the walled gardens of digital advertising.

Customer Data Activation

We leverage your CRM and other data assets on own and paid media for people-based engagement.

Digital User Identification

We provide you with a proprietary Universal Marketing ID (UMID) to identify users and activate customer data in real-time.

Event-level Data Capture and Offloading

Capture and offload data of relevant user actions in digital channels on an event-level as a basis for marketing attribution and ongoing user engagement.

Why Choose Teavaro?

Teavaro helps you unlock the value of your first-party data assets and to overcome challenges in the digital marketing landscape – from cookie and device ID use to walled gardens – giving you choice, control and flexibility. We enable people based marketing across channels for increased marketing ROI through less media wastage and more engagements and conversions.

Build First-Party Data Value

We help you to increase user identification, customer data activation, data capture and offloading to put your first-party data at the centre of your marketing strategy.

Enable People-Based Marketing

We help you create your omnichannel architecture to engage with people across own and paid media, and across devices more seamlessly.

Choice, Control & Flexibility

We give you the choice of best of breed marketing and ad technology vendors and the ability to change them as the technology and partner landscape evolves.

Privacy-Compliant Real-time Data Activation

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