Introducing FunnelConnect®

Our Cloud-Based Marketing Middleware Platform

Truly Connect to Better Technology

FunnelConnect is a highly available real-time marketing middleware platform that is designed to handle billions of transactions with an average processing time below one millisecond in a secure and privacy-compliant way. FunnelConnect consists of:


ID-Graph and hierarchy to link and manage multiple deterministic and probabilistic identifiers.


A client’s proprietary marketing ID with fully configurable characteristics.


DataAction Hub and APIs to manage IDs, attributes, consents, real-time data access, inline targeting and attribution.

A Platform for Marketing Connections

We have tailored FunnelConnect for brands, media owners and ad & marketing tech providers such as DMPs or media agencies. For telecommunication companies, we offer a network identification module to enhance the identification of all users that have given a marketing permission.

FunnelConnect's Core Features

Smart User Identification

Customer Data Activation

Event-Level Data Capture

Data Privacy & Security

Marketing Middleware Integration

Get Started with FunnelConnect®

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