Building Data Value through Marketing Relationships

FunnelConnect provides new insights into customer marketing relationships and gives you instant access to customer-level event and online journey data.

Behavioural Data

DataAction can be configured to record the digital user behaviour and passing that information on to optimize the customer experience in the next steps of an omnichannel customer journey and future campaigns.

Event-Level Attribution

By capturing user actions on an event-level DataAction provides you with the data necessary to build sophisticated attribution models.

Data Transparency

DataAction facilitates transparency and control of data use across the digital marketing ecosystem giving you the power to understand for what you spend your digital marketing budgets.

Build Proprietary Data Assets

Rather than facilitating a uni-directional data flow, DataAction provides the capability to bring data back into your various systems using data streams, batches or APIs. This bi-directional capability allows for proprietary data assets to be built as customer relationships progress, expanding the audience and optimising targeting capabilities.

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