Data Connection with Consumer Trust and Protection

With data controls, transparency and encryption, FunnelConnect keeps your data secure.

EU Regulation Compliance

With customer-level management and data transparency, FunnelConnect provides the functionality necessary for the 2018 GDPR and ePrivacy regulation changes.

Control of Data Use

Through FunnelID’s non-persistent identifiers and attributes codebooks, Teavaro provides full control of data use with trusted partners, preventing leakage and misuse in the ecosystem.

Granular Customer Permissions

Built-in permissions and consent APIs are provided by FunnelConnect to manage customer opt-ins / -outs at a granular level.

Data Protection by Design

FunnelConnect has been built with data privacy and security in mind, and has passed many stringent regulatory tests to its capabilities. Building on the high standards of Amazon Web Services we use state of the art security technologies from secure file transfer, through encrypted files and databases to on the fly data stream decryption.

EU Data Protection

To ensure compliance, FunnelConnect provides a controlled identifier and encryption, enabling the “right to be forgotten”, easier access to own data, the right to transfer own data and enforcement of clear actions for consent.

Granular Customer Permissions

FunnelConnect’s consent API facilitates improved, granular customer permissions and marketing ID resets. These features address GDPR’s “right to be forgotten” and clear actions for consent, and improving the trust relationship with the consumer. We provide the capability to manage customer consents not just through cookies, and provide flexibility to define the granularity of consents your business requires.

Temporary Identifiers

FunnelID facilitates a secure, controllable method to use customer identity and data transparently across the marketing ecosystem. By providing a temporary, configurable identifier, advertisers and publishers can create direct relationships to share first-party data through our secure data API on a persistent or non-persistent basis.

Data Encryption

In compliance with privacy and data security regulations, first-party data, including personally identifiable information (PII), can be encrypted or hashed and managed via persistent or non-persistent identifiers and data codebooks, giving you more control and protection.

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