Market to People, Not Anonymous Segments

IDConnect’s scaled, identity graph with deterministic and probabilistic identifiers increases identification and viewability of customers across channels and devices, allowing you to tailor your interactions for higher conversion rates and reduced media waste and reaching your customers on third party media.

Cross-Domain Identification

Resolve user identities across multiple domains, building a unified, holistic profile of the individual for improved marketing opportunities.

Cross-Device Identification

Identify people whether they are on their desktop, mobile phone, tablet or notebook for cross-device campaigns.

Cross-Touchpoint Integration

Customers use different identifiers for different touchpoints or channels. IDConnect can link them all: e-mail, MAC and IP addresses, telephone numbers, customer IDs or social logins.

Take Advantage of Network Identification

Network operators can simplify user identification if they have a marketing permission. Other brands can take advantage of this feature by cooperating with network operators. IDConnect supports different forms of network identification including network headers, MAC and IP address-based customer ID API lookups.

ID-Graph Supports All Phases of the Customer Journey

IDConnect allows you to expand your digital reach and begin the marketing relationship before any deterministic identification. By assigning all online visitors a proprietary identifier, both advertisers and media providers can start building data assets across owned and third-party media, and subsequently tie that profile to a determined customer profile in the future. Our ID-Graph maintains a hierarchy of identifiers according to the confidence level with which identifiers actually identify people from unknown users to verified customers.

A True View with our Grouping Functionality

IDConnect can group identities to model households or billing accounts, facilitating a secure, controllable method to use customer identity and data transparently across the marketing ecosystem. By providing a configurable identifier, advertisers and media providers can create direct relationships to share data through our secure data API and Hub on a persistent or non-persistent basis.

Truly Connect with Teavaro