Cross-Device Targeting

Identify customers cross-domain and cross-device to maintain consistent messaging and provide personalised customer experiences.

Spend Efficiency

Identify your customers for exclusion or inclusion in campaigns and optimise targeting with efficient cross-channel frequency caps.

Direct Relationships

Benefit from direct, transparent relationships with publishers and data providers with controlled, secure management of your data assets.

What can Teavaro do for you?

Teavaro helps brands and advertisers unlock the value of their first-party data assets to generate a superior marketing return on investment and unrivalled transparency by unifying best-of-breed systems, enriching and activating proprietary data in real-time.

More Control of your Digital Marketing

Reducing reliance on third-party data and identifiers, brands and advertisers can control the use of their data and choose their partners across the marketing ecosystem.

Unify Identities

We provide you with your proprietary customer and visitor marketing ID, which can consolidate any number of internal CRM identifiers and gives you full control over data privacy, consents and how you use it.

Activate your Data

Integrate your disparate offline and online data resources into your digital marketing strategy, and maximise how you activate this data for online use. Build your proprietary data assets by bringing data back into systems to augment and update your customer profiles, and to create valuable insights and learnings.

Truly Connect with Teavaro