What can Teavaro do for you?

Teavaro enables publishers and media owners to build stronger direct relationships with advertisers. By fostering direct relationships that allow customer identification and data activation, you can have a clear view through the marketing ecosystem and engage directly with advertisers to realise your true media value.

Direct Marketing Relationships

Teavaro’s solution provides a means for advertisers and publishers to collaborate directly and build trusted relationships. By providing direct access to their customers, you unlock your valuable inventory to marketers, in turn realising the increased value of that inventory.

Data Monetisation

Data is key to marketing efficiency, and through FunnelConnect data can be activated in real-time to improve targeting, and realise the true worth of your media inventory, while adding continuing value by building proprietary data assets that can be used cross-domain.

Audience Extension

IDConnect facilitates cross-domain identification that extends your audience reach across your media channels and into third-party media maximising your 1st party IDs and reducing dependencies on 3rd party cookies and ID synching.

Truly Connect with Teavaro