Create Marketing Value

Truly Connect your Marketing Ecosystem

Teavaro serves clients and partners leading digital transformation on both buy- and sell-sides, allowing media buyers and media owners to build for effective connections for people-based marketing. By facilitating direct relationships between advertisers and publishers, our FunnelConnect platform activates and builds first-party data assets for both supply and demand side partners.

Brands & Advertisers

Build your customer base leveraging your first-party data across owned and paid media to improve engagement, conversion and marketing ROI.

Publishers & Media Owners

Teavaro enriches media propositions resulting in higher value inventory and facilitating direct marketing relationships with advertisers.

Digital Technology Partners

FunnelConnect facilitates secure integrations that connect technology partners with clients to build a people-based marketing framework customised to their needs.

Technology Delivering Value

Teavaro has developed a highly scalable, cloud-based identification and data activation hub and APIs to power real-time data onboarding and delivery for targeting, insights and to manage your data online in more controlled, secure and privacy compliant ways.


We reduce the hassle and complexity of connecting, unifying and activating an organisation’s diverse data sources and tech assets to improve productivity and decision making.


Our open and extensible platform also gives an organisation greater flexibility and customisation advantages without sacrificing scale, speed to market or the use of existing tech assets.


In addition to giving marketers greater accessibility to critical data and insights, we also give organisations more control and transparency over their data assets and marketing activities.

Cost Efficiency

Our data connectivity and intelligence platform is configured and deployed as a secure, cloud-based service that integrates with your existing data and tech stack with no large upfront investment based on your organisation's needs.


Easily integrate any custom-built or best-of-breed systems and tools to help your organisation adapt to industry changes, comply to regulatory requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

Truly Connect with Teavaro