Connecting your customers to the best marketing experience

Based on our experience, we find that digitally identified customers with CDP based engagement are twice as likely as unidentified customers to engage and take action across a range of use cases, from giving data permissions to buying additional products or extending subscription services.

Teavaro’s CDP provides a single customer view & interfaces to Campaign Management (AI / Analytics) solutions as a basis for consistent engagement through multiple channels & content formats

  • Easy integration with your existing marketing stack
  • End-to-end tools to test and monitor personalisation strategies
  • Highly performant and scalable by design (Scala, MongoDB, GO, AWS)
  • Proven to provide speed to Large Enterprises

Data Activation for Next Best Action

Simple activation of response & context data – in both real-time and batch – provides the basis for improved engagement experiences and personalised marketing.

Identity Resolution
Identity Resolution

Single Customer View

Data ingestion and attribution facilitate improved audience understanding cross-device, -domain and -channel for holistic engagement from a unified profile.

Omnichannel Engagement with Creative Content

Simple integration with ad servers, personalisation engines, and push notification delivery across App, Web, Push and assisted channels.

Identity Resolution

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