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Teavaro Consulting Services centre around customer data and “truly connecting with customers”, both on a strategic and a tactical level.

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Customer data as a strategic asset

For most traditional companies customer data is the cornerstone of their new digital business models, whether that is data-driven, platform or subscription-based. A data-rich opt-in customer base becomes the source of competitive advantage as it cannot be easily copied. Our focus is how to strategically build and leverage permission-based customer data assets and create a culture of data usage, enrichment and data-driven business models. We focus on mastering the six challenges of personalisation.

We use a customer engagement lifecycle model to analyse, set up and design omnichannel customer journeys:

Customer Lifecycle


  1. Be Aware: In this phase the consumer recognises a need and learns how to satisfy that need. Companies can support the consumer in providing ideas.
  2. Interact: Once the need is realised and ideas are gathered, consumers approach brands and request more information or concrete offers. The consumer wants to be sure they are getting the best offer.
  3. Choose: In this final stage of the buying process the consumer selects concrete products or services, orders and receives them. Once the consumer has decided to buy in principle, it is important to provide a friction-less shopping experience.

Our Approach

  1. Define a strategy for digital customer identification
  2. Define a strategy to maintain and acquire marketing permissions
  3. Define a strategy of customer data acquisition and unifying customer data
  4. Define an integration strategy to promote omnichannel interactions, using dynamic creatives and next best actions
  5. Create a roadmap and support step-by-step implementation

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