Introducing FunnelConnect®

- the heart of Teavaro's Customer Data Platform -

Truly Connect with your Customers

FunnelConnect® is the real-time processing engine of Teavaro’s customer data platform. Designed with data security and compliance at its core, and with the capability to handle enterprise-level processing needs with real-time speeds. FunnelConnect® consists of:


ID-Graph and hierarchy to link and manage multiple deterministic and probabilistic identifiers and the platform’s unified profile and device-level identifiers.


A client’s proprietary marketing ID with fully configurable characteristics to control all requirements of regulatory compliance and data use.


DataAction Hub and APIs to manage IDs, attributes, consents, real-time data access, inline targeting and attribution.

FunnelConnect's Core Features

FunnelConnect® provides key benefits across the marketing stack to drive personalisation use cases and unify digital marketing strategies across channels and devices.

User Identification

Smart User Identification

Data Activation

Customer Data Activation

Data Capture

Event-Level Data Capture

Privacy & Data Security

Data Privacy & Security

Data Transparency & Integration

Marketing Middleware Integration

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