Compliant Use of Customer Data

The mechanisms to bring Data In Action

FunnelExporter® aids the activation and attribution of customer and prospect data to multiple destinations within your marketing stack. With data requirements being varied and often system-unique, we have developed the tools that optimise to your data use needs:


Ensure that the right permissions are in place for the different processing purposes and that external systems are provided only with a unique identifier that can easily reset.


Providing information for omnichannel prospect and customer attribution.

Customer and Prospect Information

Return valuable information back to data warehouses, data lakes and other destinations for reporting, analysis or machine learning/artificial intelligence.

FunnelExporter® keeps your data moving

The management of data via FunnelExporter® extends the capabilities of FunnelConnect® across any marketing stack by providing simple and agile integration with all marketing partners and core data systems.

Agile Integration

Simple and Agile Integration

P2P Integration

Efficient Point-to-Point Integrations

Flexible Configuration

Scalable Configuration

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