Active Data in Real-Time

The mechanisms to bring Data In Action

FunnelImporter® aids the activation of customer and prospect, campaign and order data from the multiple internal or external sources. With data requirements being varied and often system-unique, we have developed the tools that optimise to your data use needs:

Ingestion of data from multiple sources

Data warehouses, CRM systems, adservers, DSPs, etc. – and consolidation into a single, unified customer profile.

Pre-processing and cleansing of data

To make it actionable for personalized campaigns and prospect and customer attribution.

Activation of data into FunnelConnect®

To combine it with behaviour data and online identifiers

FunnelImporter® creates value from your existing customer and prospect data

The management of data via FunnelImporter® facilitates the use of valuable corporate data from various sources for digital interaction with customers and prospect

Data Unification

Unification of Data

Data Processing

Efficient Data Processing

Scalable Configuration

Scalable Configuration

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