KPI monitoring and alerts

Ensure the optimal functioning of your marketing stack

FunnelMonitor® provides you with the tools to give you confidence that your marketing stack is working as it should, you detect problems before they occur or so early that the impacts are still minimal.

KPI Definitions

Technical and business KPIs that indicate whether your marketing stack is healthy.


Dashboard to monitor the defined KPis in real-time and over defined time intervals.

Configurable Alerts

If the thresholds for defined KPIs are reached, automatic alerts are sent to defined persons or groups on your preferred channel (email, SMS, pager, messenger, etc).

Monitor your Marketing Stack

FunnelMonitor® helps you manage your complex marketing stack. All endpoints and systems in your marketing stack can number in the tens to hundreds, which each subject to regular updates, new features and configuration changes. Our platform allows the effective management of end-to-end use cases.

Agile Integration

Agile Integration

Pre-integration with all endpoints and marketing systems that are connected with FunnelConnect®.

Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

Update your monitoring capabilities to stay current with a changing marketing stack.

Easy Monitoring

Easy Monitoring

Set and forget monitoring that provides automated alerts and regular reporting.

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