Take Control of your Data

Teavaro’s enhanced customer data platform empowers brands (data controllers) to build lasting data-driven digital assets and to evolve their marketing strategy through continuous data-driven digital marketing and service innovation.

Teavaro’s enhanced data CDP bridges the gap to true marketing personalisation

With flexible integration capabilities, Teavaro’s CDP connects your data sources and delivery channels to provide identity resolution and unified data profiles that help manage customer engagement in a privacy compliant way. Know who your customers are, cross-device and cross-channel, and provide them with the best experience of your brand.

Data tools powering effective personalisation

Teavaro’s AWS-hosted CDP consist of a suite of tools that meet the needs of marketers seeking improved customer engagement and conversion.


The core of the Teavaro CDP, FunnelConnect® drives identity resolution, compliance and data activation through a high-performance, scalable platform.


FunnelImporter® ingests customer, campaign or order data from different sources for real-time activation and building the customer profile.


A simple way to export customer or interaction data to other systems like Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Campaign Management Systems while ensuring lawfulness of processing.


Providing access to the user experience provided by our CDP, FunnelManager® is Teavaro’s testing and segmentation tool.


Flexible reporting, analysis and dashboarding for identification, compliance and engagement.


FunnelMonitor® provides KPI driven Monitoring and Alerting for defined technical and business KPIs for compliance purposes.

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